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App Description:

Chinese-Artword Teaching App includes explanation in English. This is most helpful in bilingual societies like Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and others, where English is widely used as a conversational language. Explanation in English is sometimes easier to understand for both parents and children.

Features of Chinese Artword Teaching App:

  • Meanings of characters and compound words in English
  • Animated character stroke sequence
  • Writing tips highlighting important points and common mistakes
  • Hanyu Pinyin, audio pronunciations
  • Ancient script, traditional character references
  • Artword drawing representations
  • Drawing board – drawings can be created and saved
  • Radicals, phonetic hints, pictograph descriptions, character stories
  • Learn These First – links to preceding characters that are related
  • Compound words – examples of words formed with character
  • Character search feature, search history
  • Customize a lesson, save characters to Favorites

Parents can use it to teach their children, while learners could also use it as reference book for explanation of Chinese characters. It uses simple English phrases, which are easily understood.


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